Success De-codified ‘Capsule’

Before you start a task or target a goal, an uninvited guest in the name of ‘fear’ comes jumping in. Do not worry. It’s natural and normal. Only the tasks not worth completing may be free from fear.

But presence of fear confirms that it requires your 100%. And that is in terms of your efforts and mental set-up. The most effective remedy for fear is taking direct action.

If fear is cultivated, it will grow stronger. If faith is cultivated, it will grow stronger. It is up to us to decide what we want give strength to.

You must start with the mind set of 100% confidence. That is the prime  requirement.

‘If you say you can or if you say you can’t, both ways you will be proven correct.’

Fear and Courage Hindi


Success is not an accident

Success is not a miracle.

Success is neither an event nor a coincidence.

It is not luck either.

It is a well written script. It is a matter of cause and effect. It is a set of consequences. When someone succeeds we see the end result not the toiling behind. Success and failure are all about what road you take. Your walk consistently on a path determines where you are moving towards. Keep an eye on your movement.There is no way you can fail if you are walking on a road that leads to success.

Success follows some rules and principles.


सफलता एक नियमों से बँधी  हुई  सी  कहानी है,

हो नियमों से बँधी मेहनत तो मेहनत रंग लानी है,

नियम कुछ तो कठिन हैं  राह भी आसां नहीं यारो,

वही जा पायेगा उस पार   जिसने दिल में ठानी है.

I will share some of them in my next blog. I will try to coach you writing your script of success. Good luck.

Wish you Success and Happiness.

Sandeep Pathak